Wind Stabilizer Kit
Wind Stabilizer Kit

The Wind Stabilizer Kit was invented a few years ago...

The Wind stabilizer was created through trial and error in the field, to steady the front and back standard in windy conditions and during shutter operation. Many older cameras have weak lower bracing problems on the front standard. This is the support the camera needs. The Wind Stabilizer Kit parts : Screw-fitted rods, (2) "U" hold-down brackets, (2) Main units, Velcro release carrying pouch, precision screwdriver (for use with the camera, filmholders, tri-pod and other equipment), brass inserts, Velcro (support for bellow sagging), thumbscrews, and instructions. The total weight is 168 grams, or 6 oz. The Wind Stabilizer Rods are made from aircraft aluminum for rigidity, strength and lightness. These Rods are anodized to prevent oxidation of the metal, rather than paint. Kit assembly weighs only: 78 grams = 2.75 oz. on the camera.


How many times have you just shot a landscape and then wondered, did the wind move the camera? You don't think about it anymore or you cross your fingers and hope. Then you pull the negative from the fixer and there's the proof. Yes the camera did move. Another wasted shot. Have you ever held a lens in your hand and fired off the shutter? Do those vibrations affect the image? Yes they do. Until now there was little you could do. With the Introduction of the Wind Stabilizer, you will have sharper negatives under adverse conditions, than you thought possible. Even under normal conditions you will be surprised at the results. Many older and some more modern cameras have weak bracing on the front standard. Go ahead, set your camera up and then push it a little. Did it give? With the Wind Stabilizer your camera will be solid as a rock. Made from black anodized aircraft aluminum the stabilizer is strong and light - a winning combination. See for yourself, If you don't have sharper negatives, send the kit back and we will give you a full refund.

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