The group of cases pictured, starting on from the left are: 4x10, 5x7, 6.5x8.5, & 8x10. The case on the right is an 6.5x8.5 and is open to show how the holders are layed out inside between the fabric covered foam separators, and the heat insulated and 1" lined foamed walls surrounding the filmholders.

This is particular case is for 8x10 filmholders and showing the shoulder strap.

This 7x17 Cordura filmholder case in dark blue holds up to 3 filmholders and weigh in at just over a pound. These cases comes in, for now, in teal, and silver color cordura. Cordura comes in a 420 to 600 denier weave, a very strong, tear, and water resistant material. All our cases come with two zippers. Have a black nylon strap which one can carry in hand or stretches out to carry over the shoulder. These smaller cases range from 4x5, 4x10, 5x7, 6.5x8.5, and 8x10. Inside these cases are 2 to 5, or more foam-lined dividers to separate the holders and keep them from damaging each other. All the larger cases come standard to hold 3 filmholders of the same size, such as, 7x17, 8x20, 11x14, 14x17, 12x20, 16x20, 18x22, and 20x24. Inside these cases are 2 to 4, or more foam-lined dividers to separate the holders and keep them from damaging each other. To protect the filmholders from damage, when a case is accidentally dropped from a distance of 3 feet, or lightly bumped into a wall, we added a 1" wall of foam around the filmholders between the fabrics. And, the fabric used inside to line it, is a water-resistant black nylon material that has a fine silkiness about it, to help keep your holders from scratching or marring.

For those that need to take that one and only chance-of-a-life-time shot, and you need just one holder to do it in... This case is for you!
Made of the cordura color or your choice, this handy little single case will help you get your filmholder there without a scratch. But, be careful not to drop it, for it does not have the 1" custioning that the bags have. It does have a small amount of custioning to help protect the holder from light damage. These single cases come with a nylon handle, velcro on the flap to close up the case so as to help keep dust and dirt out. And, a black ribbed nylon liner to help keep your holder from scatching or marring.

11x14 closed case

This is an 11x14 AWB nylon single carrying case

11x14 AWB holder and case

An 11x14 AWB Beechwood filmholder in a nylon single carrying case.

Lens with Lensboard Cases

For that photographer who needs to keep their lensboards and lenses from dust, water, and the elements. These cases have carrying handles. Come with 2 sliders to close-up your cases tight. They have a hi-impact plastic, and the lid has insulated heat sheild and foam lined bottom to help protect the lenses. And are made of cordura outside with a black ribbed-nylon liner inside.

Email us at: for information on lensboard size and lens height for the proper size custom case!


closed lens wraps

These lens wraps close up around your lenses and with lensboards attached! A great way to carry your lenses
easily and simply. Made of Cordura outside, nylon inside, a light foam between, and velcro to hold it together.

Great way to help protect your investment, to keep dirt, dust, and moisture off of your lenses. Plus that
little bumping around inside your case or backpack.
open lens wraps showing lenses

5 sizes of lens wraps

There are 5 sizes of lens wraps... 18", 14", 11", 9", and 6" wraps to hold all the different lens sizes and
lenses with lensboards. They are light-weight and easy to use. Carry them in your backpack, case,
or store them away for another time.

18, 14, 11, 9, 6, wrap sizes


18" =  $25
14" =  $22
11" =  $20
9"   =  $18
6"   =  $15
Plus Shipping!

Order these at:
Let me know how many and what size you need! 

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