Items in stock, for a business of creating new, repairing and refinishing the old cameras and holders
which come our way! There are a few of items in stock for sale which I feel somebody out there could
use in photography and in the darkroom.

-Aug 2006-


Big Red  
This custom lens with lensboard case is an 8" x 8" x 8"  for all you that shoot with
portrait cameras, like Korona, which takes large lensboards! Comes with one
slider and corner loop tabs to attach to a clip, belt, or rope.

Priced for easy sale $25, was $60 never been used.
Use for 2 lenses on lensboards on top of each other with a piece of
foam or felt in between!

Click on photo

$195+ shipping
Here is an all walnut AWB 4x10 filmholder, which fits any 4x10 Canham Point & Shoot
Camera! Has the double spring light traps on both sides of the holder. Has walnut/maple
handles and black "L" locks. Holder weighs 1/2 a pound. I do have more of these in stock,
do give us a call or email us.


Email us at:
Contact us at: (951) 674-0466 ask for Alan
Give us a call or email us on updated items, or see if the items you are viewing are still available!

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