Old 8x20 Korona
Refinish & Repair

We are interested in your old view camera and wooden filmholders...


Brass made for 12x20 Korona 12x20 Korona w/ bellows

On the left, camera repaired and finish touched-up. Hardware was replaced when it was
all lost, made of all brass. On the right, new bellows installed, new handle made, and all
brass hardware went to the platers to be nickel plated, and then installed onto camera.

Hardware Detail of Support Folded 12x20 Korona 12x20 Korona hardware detail

Look at the hardware details of this 12x20 Korona Camera! All of it was handmade, and
worked better than new!
Hardware was mounted with new stainless steel screws.

If your old LF or view camera and wooden filmholders are in need of repair, we are your specialists. We can also refinish and replate your old hardware. Need new Bellows? We have the people who can do it for you. We make new lensboards to fit your camera. Need new wood or metal parts for the camera? We can have it made or we can do it for you.

Anyone have light leaks in their wooden filmholders? We can repair it for them.
No one in the world, that we are aware of, repairs old wooden filmholders. We can repair any wooden holder and make it like new. We guarrantee our work for up to 6 months on parts and labor. We make all our own parts, if we have to replace any part that is defective. Come check us out! Email, snail mail, or give us a call.

For repair of your camera, filmholder, or other equipment, please email at: or

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