Letters of Satisfied Customers...

6 / 20 / 96
Dear Alan,

I think your film holders are great and I want to thank you personally for the fundamental innovations
you have made in your design as well as the high quality workmanship. I took ten of your 7"x17" film holders to India and subjected them in the process to environmentally awfull conditions. They held
up beautifully. In particular, in a rainstorm, two of my holders were literally soaked. Thanks to the removeable light trap, I was able to get inside the holder and remove the excess water which would have ruined the holder had I not been able to do so. They remained absolutely impervious to light and I had no light leakage problems. I personally have no idea how you are able to work to such tight tolerances, but you do it well, and I am grateful for it! Thanks once again.

Best Wishes,

Steve Harrison

6 / 16 / 98

Your web site looks great! I especially like the camera on the repair and refinish page. There's no way that that camera could be fixed up, is there.

Actually that camera (Korona), now looks so good I even leave it on the tripod and out for people
to OHH and AHH over. It is gorgeous and works probably better than when it was brand new.
Especially, because of the plate you made to go under the camera, and of course your wind

The oversized contact printer frame for the 8x20 film looks as though it belongs in a gallery. I hope
all of your customers appreciate all your hard work, thought and care you put into each project.
Even the ones that you tear your hair out over like the case to put that Korona into. It's beautifully
done and extremely practical. Perfect!

All the best and keep up the great work,

Pam Crist

1 / 05 / 99

Alan: Sorry I'm so late in responding. What a simple, but elegant device the wind stabilizer is. Your workmanship is flawless (as usual) and it makes these 60, 70, and 80 year old cameras we seem to love as stable as a new model. I think you should have someone from View Camera magazine review it. Assuming you want to be swamped with both inquiries and orders. Thanks for making a useful tool.

Mike Jones

2 / 04 / 99

The holders arrived last night. If you hadn't stamped them, I would not be able to tell the restored holder from your new one. Outstanding! The [lack of] weight is amazing. Compared to my 8x20 (and even Fidelity 8x10s) holders, they're like feathers. I can't complement you enough on your craftsmanship. Thanks.

Mike Jones

3 / 23 / 1999
Dear Alan,

Thanks very much for express-mailing the Wind Stabilizer kit. It arrived Saturday, 3 / 20. The kit does significantly improve the rigidity of the rear standard on my 8x10.

The stabilizer is even better designed and executed than I'd expected. Excellent work! Not having any tap sets, and to minimise penetration of the (wood) standards, I chose to use the small wood screws to mount the u-brackets----hope they hold up over time.

Malcolm Stephens

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