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AWB 7x17 & 14x17 filmholders

7x17 and 14x17 film holders are here now this year 2006 in August,
get them before they're gone! We have them to fit all makes.
Korona, Kodak View, Canham, Philips, Wisner and Ebony cameras!
Give us a call or thru email for Folmer/Schwing camera users
to make up special riblock plates to fit your camera specs.

4x10 AWB & Wisner

Group of AWB film holders on the left, 4x10 AWB film holders to fit a 4x10 Canham
camera and 4x10 Wisner camera, on the right.

Wisner on left | AWB on right

This photo shows the difference between a Wisner 4x10 mahogany film holder,
and an AWB 4x10 cherrywood film holder made to fit a Wisner 4x10 camera!

Large Format Filmholders

AWB large format filmholders are made from black walnut, cherrywood, maple, sometimes Central American mahogany, and sometimes African Paduk. The wood is either lacquered, shellaced, or oil & waxed. Staining is a preference by the consumer on a request base only. The septem material is a: .040" black anodized aluminum plate, or .060"or .080" phenolic plastic plate. The handles are made from walnut with maple, cherrywood with Wenge, or Ebony with Paduk, and with grooves for removal. And has a routed notch on one handle, and two routed notches on the other handle. All holders have 2 inside light traps on each side , as a preventative measure against possible light leaks. The rib-lock plates are removable with 4 small screws, this is for maintance purposes. The dark slides are made out of phenolic plastic. The reason why these have to be precision made is because we maintain tight tolerances of .003" (3 thousandths of and inch), or better. Everything has to be tight; but, wood still fluctuates thru moisture and heat expansion, so, the darkslides have to be loose enough to slide back and forth.

Making these filmholders takes a considerable amount of time to produce. It requires about 150 set-ups to produce 1 filmholder. And each holder's parts are custom machined by hand. Purchasing and picking out lumber for these holders can often be tidious and frustrating. After selecting the lumber and bringing it to the shop, cutting it is another nightmare. Sometimes, just when you thought that your lumber is straight-grained when you picked it out, it bows and bends on you, and when that happens, it's of no use. A wasted piece of material and money. Each piece of wood has to be straight and straight-grained (quarter-sawn). Not always does a piece of wood straighten out when clamped in the opposite direction for correction and stay put. Weather and the amount of moisture in the wood determines what it will do after it is cut.
For additional infomation regarding each filmholder's description, size, and weight, send us an email, snail mail, or give us a call. Thanks again for visiting our web site.

Various Size Filmholders and 2006 Pricing of each, Include The Following:

"T" DISTANCE (no film)
4 X 10 AWB
4 X 10 Wisner
6.5 X 8.5

8 X 10
5 X 12
10 X 12
7 X 11
7 X 17
8 X 16
8 X 20
11 X 14
12 X 20
14 X 17 International
16 X 20 AWB
16 X 20 Wisner
18 X 22

20 X 24 AWB
20 X 24 Ebony
20 X 24 Wisner

Riblock placement measurement instructions

Filmholder: Measure from the end of the film loading end flap side (i.e. hinge) to the outer side of riblock (facing darkslide handles).

Camera back: Measure from inside left end of camera back to outer edge of groove (toward opening of ground glass frame that allows insert of film holder).

"T" Distance Explanation: The measurement of distance between the back side of ground glass and the front side of the inside frame of the camera back. Or
                                               the measurement of distance between the septum of the film holder with or without film loaded,  to the outside edge of the holder!
                                              But, in this case, the measurement of this chart will read without film. All plates holders are to the tolerances

Custom sizes: Holders made to your specs for a custom camera, to be made or already made, shall be calculated a week after time of correspondence,
                        either by email or by phone.

20x24 custom holder

This picture is of a custom 20x24, and made for Ilyong Parks, all natural cherrywood, film holder
with wenge and maple handles. In the foreground, an 8x10 all natural Padouk wood film holder.

16x20 Clamshell

16 x 20 Custom Padouk & Black Anodized Aluminum Clamshell Filmholder, made by AWB Enterprises for Jason Myrold's own home built 16x20 padouk & stainless steel camera.

16x20 Clamshell lock

clamshell opened to show detail on red locking screws and thumb/index tabs for opening up frame to load film. To load film, just place film in center of holder on top of septum, then close the frame with darkslide already installed in frame, lock frame with locking screws, and you are ready to take your picture. The only time you have to remove the darkslide from the holder is when you take the picture! You never have to remove the darkslide in order to load the film.


18x22 Gibbons front

Front side of an 18"x22" plate holder made originally for Nate Gibbons, used in the making
of Tin-type photography.

18x22 Gibbons, back

Back side of 18"x22" plate holder

11x22 Gibbons, exploded view

Exploded view of 18"x22" plate holder. Which consists of frame, darkslide, 5"x7" insert,
and spring-loaded pressure plate back.All aluminum was hard anodized black for acid
protection. This holder also carries a double spring light trap for the removal of the darkslide.


11x14 Plate holder

11x14 Cherrywood Glass/Copper-Plate Holder

This detailed picture shows the spring plate tensioner on the upper left side, and the black spring hold-down bar with screw head for gripping with a finger to slide bar back out of the way for insert or removal of the positive plate.

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