3 cpf's

11" X 14" Maple CPF, 16" X 20" Mahogany CPF, 28" X 32" Maple CPF

7x17 cpf's

7" X 17" Contact Printing Frames with 1" Border

Contact Printing Frames

All contact printing frames are custom hand made. We hold fast to quality and craftsmanship. Our specialty designed spring is made from cast acrylic, shaped and formed to give you the best in tension, when anti movement is a necessity in creating the perfect print. Also, we added more strength by adding an all aluminum "U" channel for reassurance. Our felt back, pressure board is made from 13 mm (1/2") Baltic birch plywood, the best in durability. And is piano hinged, for reliability. The frames are made out of 5 quarter stock hardwood lumber, and are doweled and glued, instead of nailed. Double strength glass is standard in the frames; but, tempered glass is required by larger frames. And it is an option requested by the customer for tempered glass to be installed in their frame. Polyurethane bump-ons are added by the customer if so desired, as feet on both sides of the frame to prevent against slipping and sliding. Standard wood material: Honduran mahogany; cherry wood and maple, are a little higher in price. Finish : polyurethane or lacquer semi-gloss clear coats. Stain and color is request by the customer, but, all frames are clear coated in their natural state (no stain added). We believe you will have good success with our new innovative designed contact printing frame. Give it try! To ask us about pricing, email snail mail, or call us.


8x10 cpf front view 8x10 cpf back view
This is the new enclosed, but removable glass print frames, made to any size.


12x20 print plate 12x20 print plate w/ film

12x20 print frame closed

All new way to replicate your prints by using this new contact print plate. Made of 1/4" thick plate glass,
hinged to a plywood plate, covered with a linen foam material , and rests on aluminum angle and comes
with polyurethane bump-ons for a non-slip proof plate. Or use screws to anchor onto the top of your table.
:Suggestion: Make sure to replicate your prints under all red light!

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