White and Black ABS Cases
ABS is a high-impact resistant plastic and comes in black and white only...

ABS filmholder cases generally come in white, so as to help reflect the sun's rays and keep the filmholders cool and dark, until ready to use. Usually, filmholder cases are built to hold the holders on a vertical stance, for easy removal and install ready into the camera. Filmholder cases are built to a standard size according to the size of the holder.

Whether you have black or white ABS for your camera or filmholders, it is your preferance. All camera cases are built by special order only; because, each camera is a little different in size. So, we like to make sure your camera case is a custom fit.

This is an 11x14 Camera Case

7x11 Camera back case

We us a 3/16" thick ABS material to produce these cases. These cases come with nickel-plate and nickel polished hardware. Brass plate can be requested. A comfortable black padded vinyl handle, 4 black plastic bumpers half inch high on bottom of case, "D" rings added to the sides of the case for shoulder strap (filmholder cases only). Retractable handles and built-in wheel assembly for easy handling to the airport, etc., are optional. One inch gray foam is standard in all cases in the top and bottom. Camera cases are foam lined.

8x20 Case with accessories 8x20 Case with Wheels

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