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8x20 case & accessories

This is the best in equipment for the large-format photographer. We specialize in custom wooden filmholders, in the Folmer/Schwing and the Korona style, custom contact printing frames, ABS camera & filmholder cases, the Wind Stabilizer kit, refinishing & repairing old and new filmholders and cameras. Our prices are competitive to other custom businesses in this field, and we guarantee and service our products for up to a year.  We want our customers to be able to take that perfect shot with good equipment. Try us out! And thank you for visiting our web site!


Introduction To AWB Enterprises...

In Alan W. Brubaker's life, God has given him the opportunity in the industry of designing wood and plastic fabrications for over 20 years. Designing and fabricating large format camera equipment in just 5 years. Precision woodworking is the name of the game when applied to the large format photographic world. Photographers have been very appreciative of his workmanship and quality. The ease of use of the filmholder, and sliding into their camera and locking into place, is best described by our customer's letters. Our other products are made with the best in materials, so you get the best in quality. Most all of our products are custom made and take time to create.
Everything is particularly designed and well thought of for the professional as well as the amateur. Alan establishes a personal working relationship with the client, to ensure the client the best possible service for his or her needs. This is a custom light-manufacturing shop, in which, precision, quality, and service is first in mind.

We do
repair and refinishing work of your camera, filmholders and equipment. We make new hardware parts that may be missing on your equipment. We can make new wooden parts as well, such as, gear track rails, front and rear standards, swing and tilt beds, lensboards, extention rails, camera backs, ground glass frames, etc...! When it comes to finishing your camera or holder, we have 2 types, a touch up, and a full refinish (strip off old and reapply new).

Film tubes are another way develop your film. Just remove the lid, place your film into the tube, add developer to the inside of the lid (about 3/4 full), screw tube (upside down) onto the lid tightly, now  you are ready to shake, roll, and tip the developer throughout your film. Once given specified time alotted, on type, of developer used, you are ready to remove lid (upside down), pour out your solution, and add stopper, then, or, fixer solution to your lid , and repeat process. Once finished and removal of solution, remove film, and inspect. "Make sure you do this process in complete darkness!"

Nylon filmholder cases are our newest product line for the photographer to take into the field. They are light-weight and come with a zipper for easy opening and closing. ABS cases are rigid and heavier and are good for the cameras. But, the cordura cases also have 1" of foam all around, with a high-impact material that adds rigidness, and a heat sheild to help protect the holders. Instead of a handle, a nylon strap which stretches out, can be carried on the shoulder or as a back-pack harness.

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*If you would like to buy a product that you see on this website, please email me for the correct price of the product you are looking for, and the quantity. You can use your credit card or use a check by just clicking on the PayPal button below, if you know the total cost of the items you have made, plus shipping & insurance after your email conversation with me. "Or, use BidPay, where you do not have to have an account to pay, and use your credit card or pay with a money order!" Because this is a custom business, products (if NOT in stock), will have to be made to order. Making these film holders take a considerable amount of time to build, as per the filmholder page.

Thank you!

Contact Information...
For information on pricing call or email at:
Alternate email:

33320 Gafford Street
Wildomar, California 92595
Tel: (951) 674-0466
Fax: (951) 674-7266

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